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Application of food grade grease

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Food grade grease has been widely used in the following areas:

1. In the beer, beverage machinery and equipment, the most critical part is filling machine, jar, distributor, filling valve and cover the first part to beer and and beverage contact, these parts must be used EUBO food grade grease.

2. Food packaging material production equipment requiring the use of EUBO food grade grease. Glass bottle for beverage packaging, pop top cans, composite packaging (Tetra Pak), pet and PET bottles pull cans, PVC bottles are belong to food with direct contact with the packaging and the food packing material production equipment lubrication should according to the provisions of the standards of hygiene in the selected class H1 food grade grease.

3. dairy production equipment made of stainless steel material is made, bearings are seal life, a driving gear, etc. components are also made into a closed type, and products or water isolation. The dairy flows through the valve and homogenizer need use EUBO food grade grease lubrication.

4. Soda, ice cream manufacturing machinery wide distribution and production conditions are poor, generally do not have good lubrication condition. Among them who may come into contact with food products mechanical friction parts, are required to use EUBO food grade lubricants, when necessary, also can be refined coconut oil, refined castor oil or refined palm oil instead of white oil, to prevent contamination of food.

5. Sugar machinery lubricating grease and other food machinery industry with grease, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic. Especially may and refined sugar contact process more attention should be paid to, generally with sulfuric acid refining depth of white oil, in order to improve the oil, sometimes with refined castor oil, coconut oil dynamic plant oil. Sugar machinery rolling bearing lubrication is required using EUBO food grade lubricants.

6. fruits and vegetables processing by the use of a lot of equipment under high temperature and room temperature to use large quantities of water, susceptible to water mist or jet impact and result in loss of lubricating greases and oils, especially various cleaning machine and cleaning and disinfection machine. Therefore requires use has good protective, anti water sprinkling of EUBO food grade grease.

7 EUBO food grade grease is widely used in the field of feed production machinery and drinking water transmission and distribution pipeline industry.

The above information by the Shenzhen excellent Bao Hui finishing reproduced! EUBO, provide the world's leading lubrication solutions!
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